Maddam sir - Ep 225 - Full Episode - 7th June, 2021

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    Episode 225: Ko's In Police Station
    The police station is in a state of KO's. For the last 2 months, everyone has been living in the police station and no one has had proper rest. Haseena Malik is very tired and almost falls asleep while driving her car hence everyone requests her to take a rest to know more watch the full episode

    About Tera Yaar Hoon Main :
    Rajeev Bansal, a simpleton is blessed with a happy loving family. But with the passage of time, he desires to befriend his son Rishab, who shares a really close bond with his mother Jhanvi. Rishab confides in his mom, shares his banal moments with her but doesn’t share the same rapport with his father. Here’s a slice of the life show that depicts how a father tries to build his friendship with a hesitant son and nurtures their relationship with his warmth and understanding.

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