Wagle Ki Duniya - वागले की दुनिया - Ep 78 - Coming Up Next

Sony SAB

63 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼36

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    About The Show:
    Three generations of the family live together, who share all their happiness and sorrows. Follow the story of this family as they bring laughter to each other's lives and will make your heart melt. A new generation of the old critically acclaimed show is here to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

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    1. Gracia D'souza

      We should help each other during this Pandemic whether it maybe​ small or big work.

    2. Gracia D'souza

      But Rajesh Wagle n Vandana did the cleaning work happily without any complain.

    3. Gracia D'souza

      Harshad cheated on Cards Mendicoat game....He played a trick.

    4. Ramneet Kaur

      I love to see and my favourite is wagle ki duniya and tmkoc and kaatelal and sons.

    5. Md Sunny

      Baalveer returns come back new seasons please 😭😭😭🙏🙏

    6. Daniyal Ali

      We want Aladdin season 4

    7. Daniyal Ali

      We want Aladdin season 4

    8. Daniyal Ali

      We want Aladdin season 4

    9. mohammed kalem

      Guys I am an Kaatelal and sons and Wagle ki Duniya fan.I just wanted to say u all that Sony Sab has released a new promo of an upcoming show .As per the sources Kaatelal and sons is in danger because it's trp is only 0.5 from three months .The show is at the verge of going off air so pls guys I request u all to watch Kaatelal and sons on tv at 7:30 pm in the evening and pls do not switch to other channels during the break .Pls guys we have to increase it's trp as we are all supporting Wagle ki duniya pls same way support Katelaal and sons. Pls watch it on television at 7:30 in the evening. It is an women empowerment show which deals with the rights of a woman in a society. Guys if u have never watched Katelaal and sons I am sure once u start watching it will fall in love with the show as u did for Wagle ki duniya pls it is humble request it is my fav show along with Wagle ki duniya .We together have to save Kaatelal and sons from going off air .If u don't have tv watch it on Sony liv .Hope u guys will support Katelaal and sons and save it from going off air.Pls it is a humble request 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    10. Gangaram Sarvankar

      We want BVR season 3

    11. magical tip

      Baalveer returns ko vapas lao We want baalveer returns back with same cast

    12. Pramod Jha

      Chutiya show- WAGLE KI DUNIYA😂😂 Best show - TARRAK MEHTA K OOLTAH CHASMAH😌😊

    13. Doller Mehra

      My most favorite series wagle ke duniya

    14. Navin Upadhyay

      we want balveer return

    15. teiborlang teiborlang

      We want baalveer returns

    16. Babita Alawa

      Waiting for Aladdin season 4 Please come back Aladdin nam to Suna hoga

    17. Babita Alawa

      We want Aladdin We want Aladdin Please come back Aladdin Aladdin season 4 Lao

    18. Babita Alawa

      Bring Aladdin season 4

    19. Babita Alawa

      My family watch this show

    20. Dinesh Verma

      # we want baal veer returns come back

    21. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns come back

    22. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns come back

    23. Dinesh Verma

      # we want baal veer returns come back


      Baalveer returns com back

    25. Dinesh Verma

      # we want baal veer returns come back

    26. sony sab masti


    27. Dinesh Verma

      # we want baal veer returns

    28. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns ki shooting Kab start hogi



    30. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns ki shooting Kab start hogi

    31. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns ki shooting Kab start hogi

    32. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns come back

    33. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns come back

    34. Dinesh Verma

      Baal veer returns come back

    35. Yusuf Kumbi

      Bring back Aladdin season 4

    36. Yusuf Kumbi

      Aladdin naam to suna hoga season 4

    37. 6215 6B HARSHIT GUPTA

      Thanx for 13 abhi 20

    38. Muhammad Shahbaz

      Baalveer returns kab aaye ga Bhai

    39. DJ Remix songs

      """ Let's Pray for those people who doesn't have food to eat on lock down and pray for Corona patient """💙💚💛💜🖤💝💝💝.......

    40. ya gareeb nawaz

      Bring bvr season 3

    41. ya gareeb nawaz

      Bring back Baalveer returns

      1. Kashvi Sahni

        zyada baar msg karne se kuch nahi hoga....same id se vo bhi

    42. ya gareeb nawaz

      Bring bvr back

    43. ya gareeb nawaz

      Bvr ko vapis laooo

    44. ya gareeb nawaz


    45. Haider Chowdhury

      Dad:Padh rahe ho Me: Yes Dad:Kya Padh Rahe Ho Me: PAmost pr Comment🤣😂 I need all my brothers and sisters support🙏🙏🙏


      Hi my favourite this show

      1. Kashvi Sahni

        @susmita Ghosh heyyy.....dittttoooo samee I love all theseee 3 showwss......ditttooo!

      2. susmita Ghosh

        @Kashvi Sahni yea try watching madam sir and kaatelal and sons These are really good shows Abd BTW a regular viewer if wagle ki duniya, kaatelal and sons, Madam sir

      3. Kashvi Sahni

        hey....watch maddam sir its also a very nice show

    47. V Khawani

      Miss senior Wagle couple.

      1. Anushisht Rath

        @V Khawani I understand your feelings 😓

      2. V Khawani

        @Anushisht Rath I know...still..

      3. Anushisht Rath

        Kya kar sakte hai covid safety ke liye unhe ghar main rehna padega 🙁🙁

    48. Sahil Chandra

      Aaj ka episode kya mast tha yaar one of the funniest episode of Wagle Ki Duniya

      1. Sahil Chandra

        @Anushisht Rath Bohot badiya hi hai First Sitcom hai woh India ka 😊 PAmost par uska sirf ek funny scene available hai woh bhi sirf 2.5 min ka just search Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi Best Salesman 😊

      2. Anushisht Rath

        @Sahil Chandra sachi main 🤣🤣 Kabhi dekha nahi show phir bhi lag raha hai ki bahut badhiya show hoga 🤔

      3. Sahil Chandra

        @Anushisht Rath Woh jo Atharva ka black mail karne ka style tha woh bilkul Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi ke Raja ki tarah tha

      4. Anushisht Rath

        Pehle rakshas Joshipura phir sapne phir blackmail ... Maza aygaya aajtoh 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Shivam Bhargava


    50. Shivam Bhargava


    51. Saarthak GUPTA

      Too many double meaning jokes these days in wagle ki duniya Has anybody else noticed?

      1. Saarthak GUPTA

        @Vijaya in yesterday epsiode Rajeshs wife says to her friend ki rajesh sone nahi dete And then she started giving awkward expressions

      2. Ranchoddas S. Chanchad

        @Hammaad Idrishi that is *not* a double meaning *joke* 😑

      3. Hammaad Idrishi

        I agree, in one of the episodes Atharva asked Rajesh "Bachce kaise bante hain"? And Rajesh was quite shy.

      4. Ranchoddas S. Chanchad


      5. Anushisht Rath

        Hann chalta hai yaar sare bacche jante hai un sab ka matlab 😂😂

    52. Suvaib Ali

      Aladdin next season Jalti lao

    53. Suvaib Ali

      We want Aladdin next season

      1. Sak

        Nahi chahiye

      2. All rounder (Divya)


      3. Keshvi Tuteja


    54. Anushisht Rath

      Harshad bada game khelgaya Rajesh ke sath 😂😂🤣 share market ka bigbull hain na Harshad 🤣 Btw aajka episode kya Gazab tha pehle rakshas Joshipura phir sapne 😂😂

      1. Devdatta Deshpande

        @Anukul Rathod Ho baghayche

      2. Hammaad Idrishi

        @Aarav Desai Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain Edit 2 Production ka hi serial hai waha par bhi purush parayi aurat ke saath flirt karta hai.

      3. Hammaad Idrishi

        @Sahil Chandra Woh Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ki Ishita Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahbad wale mein Rajesh Kumar ki biwi bani thi.

      4. Sahil Chandra

        @Aarav Desai Yes you are correct

      5. Aarav Desai

        @Sahil Chandra Friends aur doosre English sitcoms ke fans ne tmkoc ke latest episodes ke alava aur koi Indian comedy show nahi dekha hoga, they keep on trolling the new episodes of tmkoc and keep on praising shows like Friends, but they don't know that the old episodes of tmkoc had far better writing, punch lines and acting. Is show ka name suna hai maine, but dekha nahi hai, I have seen Sajan re, tmkoc, BDSAH, Chidiyaghar, Bhakharwadi,Office office, Tenali Rama from Sab tv and I like them (I have seen 2-3 other shows as well but didn't like them much)

    55. Suvaib Ali

      I waiting of Aladdin next season

    56. OP GAMERZ

      ""Let's pray the those people who doesn't have food to eat on lockdown and pray for corona patient"

      1. Bonthula Krish

        stop doing this nonsense

    57. Ritvik Roy

      वह जो स्वर यापी है शक्तिशाली है 0 भी वही एक कार्य भी वही सत्य भी वही धर्म भी वही जो तुझ में है जो मुझ में है जो पूरे ब्रह्मांड में है वह जिसमें ब्रह्मांड है जिसकी ना कोई शुरुआत है जिसका ना कोई अंत अग्नि भी वही वायु भी वही बनाने वाला भी वही महाविनाशनी भी वही बैरागी भी वही है और ज्ञानी भी वही है बोलो महादेव की जय 🙏🙏🙏

    58. OP GAMERZ

      my most favourite serial🧡 why this is so underrated 💔

      1. Hammaad Idrishi

        @Anushisht Rath TMKOC boring ho gaya hai ab aur sab log Baal Veer Returns ko lekar zyada spam kar rahe hain. In logo samajh nahi aata ki Wagle Ki Duniya ek masterpiece hai aur Baalveer Returns utna maza nahi hai dekhne mein jitna maza pehle waale Baalveer dekh kar aata tha.

      2. Devdatta Deshpande

        @Anushisht Rath I know😏 intna kya pasand atta hai in ko saas bahu ka jhagada aur rona dhona dekhane mev

      3. Grand Theft Automatic

        @Ranchoddas S. Chanchad ek story ek mahine se chal rahi hai waha

      4. Ranchoddas S. Chanchad

        Sab *ultra overrated* tmkoc dekhne me busy hai

      5. R P

        My also favorite

    59. Sweta Bhagwani


    60. Arun Kumar World

      Plzz everyone pray that every COVID- 19 patients recover soon...

      1. Arun Kumar World

        @Bonthula Krish support

      2. Bonthula Krish

        stop doing this nonsense

    61. Sophia Tiwari

      ...... Any school and college student here... 😘😘😘😘😘

    62. samiksha mahour

      First view

    63. Dance With Zain Hero

      I'm lossing my confidence me itni mehnat ki dance pr lkin phr b na views aye na likes log agay brhne nhi dete talent ko or agr sath ni de skte to baaten b na sunaya kren ap log