Kaatelal & Sons - Ep 143 - Full Episode - 7th June, 2021

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    Episode 143 : Ghanshyam's Outburst
    Ghanshyam is angry so he starts talking in a disrespectful manner to Garima and Susheela. Dharampal tries to calm him down to which he misbehaves and uses harsh words against Dharampal. Garima and Susheela get agitated and Fightback for their father's reputation to know more watch the full episode.

    About The Show:
    Kaatelal and Sons is a story of two sisters who set ut to change the perception of the world regarding what girls can and cannot do. Set in Rohtak, the girls choose the most unconventional career for girls - a hairdresser in a men's salon.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Shaik Naaz

      Susheela’s acting is amazing 🤩

    2. Mrsyousuf Chandna

      Sushila is so beautiful

    3. Maimona Akter

      I am loved there bonds. The sisters was mindboloding

    4. Sajana Shaikh

      Love the show and character

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    6. super star

      bring back baalveer return please 😭😭 please please

    7. Preet Singh

      Mast show 👌

    8. pukar phulara

      khatra video

    9. Brawl with Me

      People are rich,high class and have respect in society. But their mind are low class and violating women rights.

    10. Manoj Kamath

      Kaun likhta hai yeh sab bakwaas dialogue ..... woh humaare papa hain woh humein kuch bhi keh sakte hain. then follow up by saying... achcha to app iske papa hai to aap kuchch bhi decide kar sakte hai...... BS man.

    11. Munawar Hussain

      KAS is amazing

    12. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    13. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    14. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    15. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    16. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    17. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    18. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4

    19. Imran Khan

      Aladdin season 4


      Please post after this

    21. Qanitah Ali

      Hahaha love dis show

    22. Shaurya  Vashishtha

      Watch 10:00 of dharampal slapping ghansyam

    23. Shahjhan Shah

      Good. Father

    24. Daniya Haider

      by god and fursat se batana family me chlta he lol

    25. fatimanoor Ikhtiar

      Susheela mother wear lens 😚❤️

    26. Riya Duwal

      Upload episode fasttttttt

    27. সরি দীপান্বিতা

      Finally sushila ko dialogue mila,,or mila to dil ko chu liya😘😘

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    29. Min Min

      sushilas and promos tiktok is so nice

    30. prinsa acharya

      Ghanshyam's is telling guruji to dhrampal after fight also then he suddenly change into dharampal

    31. Malaika Bahti

      Common dialogue in this drama "by God "

      1. সরি দীপান্বিতা

        Yes,,,love sushila😘😘

    32. Gurwinder Brar

      Kantilal sons is my favourite show ❤️❤️ this show is best show I am kantilal sons character is my favourite and I am biggest fan ❤️❤️ next episode jaldi Lao❤️❤️

    33. Sarita Pun

      Sumod 💗❤❤

    34. Rafsan Lol

      Nice good.(by god)😅

    35. naisha chauhan

      I am a Girl but my mom dad and family never against to my Dream

    36. Sirjana Paudel

      Every characters of this show are too much funny... 😂😂 I just like them all too much. 1. Sushila..... In fact l am here due to sushila.. I started to love her after watching shreya character in Queen hai hum. she is tooooooooo much talanted.. 2. Puttu and Garima.. . 3. Pramod... Agni.. 4. Mata ji.. kushum 5. Chanchal chaaachi.. and shishupal. xoriya kadak he... the song also entertain me. But i miss the song. . Most interesting character are gunnu sattu. Gunnu was too much cute ... I am missing them.. specially gunnu looks of Garima😍😍

    37. sarvesh gameing

      best show

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    39. Zohaib Hassan

      Plz guunu sattu is back

    40. ÀRTI ROA

      Aage Ka ep plz

    41. Samuni Limbu

      Maza aaya aajka episode dekhne❤️

    42. Shadow Moon

      Please add the subtitle , some of us can not understand

    43. Shakoentela Khoeblal

      The girls Will win

    44. Rambo Masih

      God bless you to all my favourites

    45. Reji Prasad

      Wow kiya baat hai garima and sushila ke amazing that's like a real girls 👌👌❤❤❤❤

    46. Sharon Singh

      This uncle is overacting

    47. Junaid Hassam

      Kiya karan vapis aaya ga ? Kiyu ki iss ki soch bori nhi ti iss jagat na bakaya ta ?

      1. Anonymous Girl

        Nh I hope k wapis na aye wse wo Ghanshiyam Mama ki wja se bhaga tha k wo kafi cruel hyn

    48. FaRah Ahmed

      I love you promod

    49. FaRah Ahmed

      Agni is the best character

    50. FaRah Ahmed

      I love you Agni bro

    51. FaRah Ahmed

      Agni Is the best

    52. Radharani Urbańska

      why are there no subtitles?

    53. doorosha Zamir

      Garimas clothes are not good enough

    54. Daniya Haider

      8:57 jhute dramphal tmne uthaya the show ke middle episodes me

      1. Anonymous Girl

        G uthaya tha lkn such m thpar nh mara tha face pr 1 scene m such main mara tha wo dream lkn wo Father hein parents khd bchon ko jtna chahein gussa krlein lkn koi dsra asa kry wo brdsht nh krte..

      2. Daniya Haider

        only true fans will know

      3. Crafty Girls

        No he hasn’t

    55. sajid ali

      It means promod and agni left show please 🥺 bring them back show became tasteless without them

      1. sajid ali

        @Rakesh Dhanawat thank God

      2. Rakesh Dhanawat

        They haven't left

    56. sajid ali

      Mission Mumo ko Mano start so exited

    57. sajid ali

      At least puttu us learning how to respect women from his sisters

    58. sajid ali

      Chanchal destroy everything everybody is in tension disaster's happened. But still she is eating chip😂😂

      1. Abdullah Chee

        Very funny

    59. sajid ali

      15:48 I want my girls like them I want them as brace as they are but I can also understand dharampal he is also some how right

    60. Odetha Katabalwa

      english subtitles plz

    61. sajid ali

      Shusheela is looking so cute

    62. sajid ali

      Wow finally after 2 days try to upload fast

    63. Lovely Gurl

      In this show their common word is (by god ).

    64. Farman Ali

      Super sireyel

      1. Farman Ali


    65. Faith amazonians

      Pls english subtitles

    66. Raj Nepali

      Very nice

    67. Nabiha Fatima

      Ghansho show her reality

    68. R ashraf

      Am from Pakistan hmry indian Chanel bnd hn plz daily episode upload kr diya kru

    69. Abdul Rehman

      Sahi ha girl ka bhi sapna hota hai patani larko ko itna support kartai hai log

    70. Azeez Amina

      Please English subtitles

    71. it's me

      Please don't make us stop watching the show, we can't understand hindi so please and please add some subtitles, it's not fair

    72. Tahsin Tabassum

      1:15 Main soch rehi thi ki mere dono bhaiya chup kyun hain?Chalo kuch toh bole😉19:33🤣🤣🤣Zindgi bharr pao dhoke...🤣20:25....Mammiiii🤣🤣🤣23:08 Mission papa ko manao complete!🤗🤣🤣

    73. Misbah Ehsan

      Ghansu ki tu besatii ho gyi"By God "😂😂

    74. Hafsa Imran

      All the characters only one word by god hahah

    75. Purnima Chad

      Garima aur Sushila ki mummy best hai

    76. Ayam Penyet

      Subtitles again not there..

    77. Aladdin

      This is my favourite show..

    78. Khadija Safarish

      I can't understand why darampal didn't support garima susheela

    79. DEEP JIVAN

      7:20 This line hurt me so much😭😣

    80. Areeza Fatima

      Katelal sisters are rocking😘

    81. Areeza Fatima

      Love this epi waiting for next❤

      1. ꧁༺☠·Ã·M··į·R·☠༻꧂,♚Kɪɴɢ♚

        I will also

    82. Amish Mis

      Subtitle pls

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      Congratulation for 52 million 🎊🎉

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      Congratulation on 52 million🥰

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      9:17 caught ear🤪

    86. Hamza gaming zone

      8:34 chancal brother 😲😳😦😭

    87. Ananya Pathak

      Can someone look at susheelas’s and gate as acting ..... Amamzing

    88. Tirtha Shah

      garima fans here 😘😘

    89. Ghazala Munir

      Love this show

    90. Sumaya Faysal

      Wow best serial ever

    91. Prijma Shrestha

      Girl can do any thing. Boy also can but not to much.

    92. Amana Baloch

      Garima Agni and susheela prmob looking naic and sweet❤❤

      1. Purnima Chad

        Prmob nahi promod and naic nahi nice

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    95. Abid Imtiaz

      Ghanshaym did to much 😡😡😡

      1. pranika karki


    96. Naima Mohamud

      Substitute please 🥺

    97. Shaharin Akter Sharin

      Like 366,Dislike 5😀

    98. insha tariq

      OMG! I am literally shocked how good is susheela's acting

    99. minisha Maharjan

      I am 44 min late

    100. Abid Imtiaz

      I am a girl I want to be like Garema and Shusela

      1. Aladdin


      2. Hana faisal

        Me too 😍