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    About Maddam Sir:
    Set in Lucknow the show is based in one such all-women Police station manned by 4 beautiful quirky women. Pushpa the oldest of them is the head constable who tries to balance her life between home and work. Karishma the sub Inspector is fish out of the water as she is at loggerhead with the philosophy of the police station. She beats before she talks but now she has to solve all cases through reconciliation. Santosh Sharma is a young new recruit and a typical lonely girl in the city. The head of the pack is S.H.O Haseena Mallik, witty, romantic leads by example. The common challenge for all these women is to bring sensitivity to their policing while dealing with cases that come to this police station. Hence their solution is most unusual. The characters and the cases add to the fun and humor of the show. While Pushpa and Karishma are the saas Bahu duo, who keep us entertained by their Squabbles. It is Haseena - Karishma Ideological differences that add to the drama and comedy.

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    1. Sharmila Asdeno

      Madam sir teams 👍👌😍 superb 👌 But missing Billuji 😃 Badnam Iqbal

    2. Mahesh Kumar

      Missing billu champath plzz unko bulao

    3. Nazia Tahir

      Billu where are you

    4. Ahmad Rhman

      Dsp antry plz

    5. prem swaroop food world

      Please full episode make in PAmost

    6. hamza shaikh

      Plzz koi yeh episode youtube pe bhi dalo plzz

    7. Gayatri Vairal

      Miss you annu sir, please annu sir ki bhi entry karwa do...

    8. Asad Kaleem

      madam sir and balveer return my fav...

    9. Asad Kaleem

      balveer return

    10. Asad Kaleem

      balveer kdr gyaa aaa

    11. Usha Mashru

      Maddam sir is the best show ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Yogesh Kumar

      O m g


      Now it seems that we are watching a comedy serial in TV. Keep growing and audience watch it on your TV or SonyLiv

    14. Kanpur Mera

      We're is full episodes

    15. mohammed kalem

      Hey guys .I am an Kaatelal and sons and Maddam sir fan.I just wanted to say u all that Sony Sab has released a new promo of an upcoming show .As per the sources Kaatelal and sons is in danger because it's trp is only 0.5 from three months .The show is at the verge of going off air so pls guys I request u all to watch Kaatelal and sons on tv at 7:30 pm in the evening and pls do not switch to other channels during the break .Pls guys we have to increase it's trp as we are all supporting madam sir pls same way support Katelaal and sons. Pls watch it on television at 7:30 in the evening. It is an women empowerment show just like madam sir which deals with the rights of a woman in a society. Guys if u have never watched Katelaal and sons I am sure once u start watching it will fall in love with the show as u did for Maddam sir.pls it is humble request it is my fav show along with maddam sir .We together have to save Kaatelal and sons from going off air .If u don't have tv watch it on Sony liv .Hope u guys will support Katelaal and sons and save it from going off air.Pls it is a humble request 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    16. Dhrumil Savalia

      "Female centric show " Har baar mard hi galat hota hai saare episodes mein

    17. Gangaram Sarvankar

      We want BVR season 3

    18. Kiran Singh parihar

      K s. Don't be sad becuase of what ps had said. You are not less capable than anybody

    19. Kiran Singh parihar

      Kadak ks love you❤️

    20. Khan Mukhtar

      Big fan of karishma and haseena

    21. Maisha Promi

      Anubhav Kapoor!!!!

    22. JANKI DEVI

      Billu champat kha hai is so me

    23. Tithi Panda

      Stars of the show Haseena and Karishma....both are efficient and sweet both of them 😌

    24. Aarav Mishra

      This show is interesting only for those who are haseena supporter and want to see insult of karsihma only,aur har bar ke tara aag lagane ke liye puspa toh hai hi,inta time bad aaya yeh show, socha ke better hoga,lekin nahi,writer ko to fir haseena ko agage karna hai,itna taklif hai to hatwa do na karishma wala character ko,jo bhi aata hai haseena ke tarif kar ke chala jata hai,thoda to realistic dikhao yrrr Here we go again,haseena hero aur uske herogiri dekhane ke liye karishma villain

    25. Isha Deswal

      hamesha yhi hota hai sahi insan haseena malik ke pass jata hai phir bolte hain karishma se ache se case handle haseena kati hai jab case aeyga nhi toh karishma solve kaise karegi

    26. Ujjal Hosen

      Baalvir returns please

    27. Poospa Kumari

      Balveer episode lao

    28. magical tip

      Hame sony sab dekhna bahut pasand he lakin baalveer returns sabse jyada please baalveer returns back

    29. Srikanth Kota

      Again haseena and karishma should meet at one place 😂.

    30. 𝔸𝕣𝕡𝕚𝕥 𝔾𝕦𝕣𝕛𝕒𝕣✅


    31. THE AMAZER

      0:20 cheethe, pushpa ji and santosh's expressions 😆😂😂😂

    32. THE AMAZER

      On looking at pushpa jis expression on Rajveer...I think she might got some clue for rajveer's feeling 😅😅😬😜

    33. Free Soul

      I really felt bad for ks today I'm just not getting pushpa is her saas Or enemy means yaar comedy chayiye par vo bhi si hai har wqt uski mazak udate rehna, unhe neecha dikhana kisiko kadar hi nhi hai mana pyar karte par izzat? Baar baar use provoke karte hai Aree agar madam sir ek hai toh karishma singh bhi ek hi hai koi nhi ho skta unki tarah and I just hated scenes when p was saying bada bol toh ravan ka bhi nhi rha and appreciating madam sir she's degrading her anjane me hi shi she hurted karishma singh it was not expected from her

    34. Factz Light

      I Really Love 💚 When Notification Come “You Got a New Subscriber"🥳🥳

    35. Factz Light

      I Really Love 💚 When Notification Come “You Got a New Subscriber"🥳🥳

    36. Factz Light

      I Really Love 💚 When Notification Come “You Got a New Subscriber"🥳🥳

    37. Factz Light

      I Really Love 💚 When Notification Come “You Got a New Subscriber"🥳🥳

    38. Shelvi Patel

      A lag gai

    39. Navin Upadhyay

      we want balveer return

    40. Ritu Kumari

      Bring back Baalveer

    41. Ritu Kumari

      We want Baalveer back

    42. Ritu Kumari

      We want Baalveer Returns season 3 soon

    43. Ritu Kumari

      Bring back our favourite show Baalveer Returns

    44. Ritu Kumari

      We want Baalveer Returns season 3 soon 😭😭😭

    45. Ritu Kumari

      We want Baalveer Returns season 3 soon Please Sony Sab 😭😭😭

    46. teiborlang teiborlang

      We want baalveer returns back plz

    47. Mamoni Shil


    48. Ankit Singh

      Baal veer returned come back

    49. Belayet Hossain

      Aladin season 4 comeing soon

    50. Dj rakshavar

      Agla episode ka intezzar kar rahe h

    51. Dj rakshavar

      Ye show to rock karega by God

    52. Dj rakshavar

      Bahatareen show h dil chu liya by God

    53. Hammaad Idrishi

      The best scene of yesterday's episode was when Karishma and Rajbir sang duet and then Pushpa Ji arrived into that scene.

    54. Technical Saud

      Aap ke ex husband ka name? Haseena malik. 🤔🤔🤔Anubhav.. Anubhav kapoor

    55. Muhmmad imran

      Aladdin naam to suna Hoga season 4 ko Wapas Laya Jaaye

      1. Maoz Laghari


    56. Abu Baker Anik

      We want balveer return

    57. Abu Baker Anik

      We want aladdin nam to suna hoga

    58. 10 G A 26 Neeti Kalola

      I am so happy ki aaj HM ne AS ko apna husband kaha aur ussi waqt meri uchi dharnaye suru hogayi agar ye baat AS ko pata chal jaye to... What do you think about it ? ☝🏻☝🏻

      1. 10 G A 26 Neeti Kalola

        @Lakheswar Konwar yes 😅🤣🤣

      2. Lakheswar Konwar

        Vaise yahi karishma singh bolti hamera bhaiyya ko husband bana lia, 🤣😂 kas

      3. 10 G A 26 Neeti Kalola

        @Chanda Kumari yes 😅

      4. Chanda Kumari

        Wo to khushi se pagal hi ho jayenge

    59. Muhammad Ahmed Tariq

      Rajvir character is so funny love his addition 😊well today ep was so good love from pak

    60. Md Rakib Hossain


    61. Roohul Amin

      Aladin season 4

    62. Roohul Amin

      Aladin season 4

    63. Roohul Amin

      Aladin season 4

    64. Roohul Amin

      Aladin season 4

    65. Ayanti G

      Pushaji catching her daughter in law singing pyar hua ekrar hua to some other fellow, ws hilarious 😆. Looks like rajbir beta ka zindagi se samand utgaye 🤪. How many of u thought hasina would say anubhav's name as her husband?? 🥰 I guess we all did. This show never disappoints us 😊.

      1. Priyal Damami

        Ya I also thought the same

      2. Savita Prabhu

        I knew Haseena will tell Anubhav's name as ex-husband.

    66. Adorable Aish channel

      The entire episode was funny and also feel bad for KS

    67. Shriya Uskaikar

      Anubhav Kapoor 😂 She didn't said Anubhav Singh coz he is to be husband and that's the proof that she still have feelings for him but only trust is broken💔 Just exicted for upcoming episodes!!♥️

      1. Lakheswar Konwar

        @Chanda Kumari vo kehte bah haseena ji bah

      2. Shriya Uskaikar

        @Chanda Kumari hai na!!😂😂

      3. Chanda Kumari

        Agat yeh DSP sir dekhe hote to maza hi aa jata

    68. Gege TV

      🐯🐯The long ten and the situations that happen over a long period of time make clear the reality of every human being, you show his origin and you discover his metal. With time, they enter your heart and you know what they are. They are beauty from inside them, and you wish that you had met them for a long time. Adam you and you don't see them at all🐯🐯

    69. Niley tara

      Kabhi to karishma sahi ho

      1. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        Exactly Karishma Singh ka character bohot acchi hai lekin makers use hamesha galat dikhati hai

      2. SAJIDyt

        Maddam sir shi hai

      3. SAJIDyt


    70. Monera Sadat

      Why always show karishma Singh wrong I don't like this because she is also the main character should solve some case by karishma Singh.

      1. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        @Pankaj Srivastava yes jazbaat works surely but I don't think that terrorists or acid attackers or rapists should be treated with jazbaat they should be beaten and thrashed for sure

      2. BLACKPINK comeback is needed more than OXYGEN!

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty Patience always win Anger always lose 😤

      3. Pankaj Srivastava

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty but our NSA has use words Everytime ...... This show is just telling us ki ham chahe jitne ache ho par gussa hamein bigad sakta ......jaise abhi hi kuch incident dekhlo .......ias officer suspend huye sirf unke gusse ki wajah se ......jabki wo to logon ko lockdown ka palan karva rahe the ......

      4. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        @Pankaj Srivastava Ya obviously jazbaat works but not everytime and not everywhere

      5. Pankaj Srivastava

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty jazbaat works in real life ......our NSA you can say the best ips officer of India ......James bond of India .......also solve problems with his words not with last mukka how can you say that jazbaat Don't works

    71. simran

      We want Anubhav sir(Rahil azam)

      1. Anu K

        He is going to come very soon


      Missing Anuseena...DSP sir kab ayege aur kitna intezer karne padegi..

      1. Anu K

        @Chanda Kumari anuseena is going to come very soon confirmed, don't worry 🙂

      2. Chanda Kumari

        Ab to intzaar hi karna he pata nhi kab tak am missing anuseena alot

    73. botesarita

      Missing Bilu the spy


      Who is reading my comment God bless his family

    75. CC Creations

      Always PS makes KS down and says Maddam Sir is best as she know KS doesn't like anyone down her ,it makes her anger.Only Billu support her as he knows her better, HM too knows her still sometime she order as senior.

      1. BLACKPINK comeback is needed more than OXYGEN!

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty HM had already told KS to follow her orders but still she didn't, KS is immature she became qayamat for MPT win and she already said that she regrets it and don't forget HM gave two chance to KS even though she had broke her trust

      2. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        @BLACKPINK comeback is needed more than OXYGEN! But after the Best thana competition if MPT would have lost the competition the thana would be closed it was for Quamat or KS that the that won and several times HM told Bulbul Pandey to mend his ways but he didn't but when Quamat came we all know what happened

      3. BLACKPINK comeback is needed more than OXYGEN!

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty Their were case solved by Karishma and credited to Hassena but remember HM was the reason why Mahila police thana is running or else it would have closed in 30 days and the moral of the show is PATIENCE not ANGER so get your facts clear dude

      4. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        Yaa many if the cases were actually solved by KS but HM got the whole credit that is really bad and many times HM solved the case alone and said that KS didn't support her when KS was nit gven enough chances

      5. CC Creations

        Am sure next episode KS only help them when HM come for verification

    76. ilovemyself u should do the same

      Akhir Haseena kab taq Karishma se dur rahe sakte hain?😍😍😍 . Do jism ek jaan hain. Judwa. And ks sings wow

      1. ilovemyself u should do the same

        @Hammaad Idrishi 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Hammaad Idrishi

        @ilovemyself u should do the same Thik bolechen, abar Pushpa ke shila bhabi na banalei hoy.

      3. ilovemyself u should do the same

        @Hammaad Idrishi makers majhe majhe cute char ke kharap kore dey

      4. Hammaad Idrishi

        @ilovemyself u should do the same Thik bolechen, aage khub ekta rag korto na. Kintu kalke ektu beshi hoye geche, mone hoy oi Rajbir ar or gaan gawa te ei rokom korche.

      5. ilovemyself u should do the same

        @Hammaad Idrishi ektu beshi e raag korchhe ajkal pushpa

    77. ashok gurjar

      Kya ks ne maddam sir ko nhi pahchana ya jaanbujjkar nhi pahchanne ka naatak kar rhi h ....please reply because m madd sir live nhi dekh paa rha hu or ye episode 48 hours baad aayega

      1. Monera Sadat

        Knowing but showed that she does not know her because she has realized that Hassan Malik also came to find out the truth.

    78. Gjina Kuzhnini

      Wowo maddam Love you 🤩🤩😘😘💜💜💖👌👌😍😍😚😚💖💖

    79. Saniya Talavanekar

      Are kal ke ep anubhava ho ta to maza ata

    80. Shivaay Gautam

      Puspaa Singh glt karti h ki hmesha heseena malik ka hi sath deti h or krishma singh ki feeling ko nhi smjti uney kitna burra lgta h

      1. Shivaay Gautam

        @SAJIDyt glt bola jb puspaa Singh unki bejti kar rhi thi too heseena malik kuch nhi bol rhi thi ki ap uney esa ku bol rhi or baad mey sorry ku bola bo too dikhvaa kar rhi thi or mekers bi har baar krishma singh ko hi glt dhrty h maana ki heseena malik ek hi h but krishma singh bi ek hi h

      2. Ananya Borkar

        @SAJIDyt You are wrong

      3. SAJIDyt

        Hseena malik shi hai aor keya

      4. SAJIDyt

        Krisma singh pagal hai bolne ka treeka shi nhi hai maddam sir inki seniya hai inki ezzat karni cahiye na

      5. SAJIDyt

        Hseena malik shi hai aor keya

    81. Rama Ghosh

      Anubhav Sir - Hum se sadhi hua bhi nahi aur apne hame talak bhi de dia 🥺 Apne to hamara dil todh dia Haseena ji 💔 Just my thought 🤭😆🤣

      1. Chanda Kumari

        Nice thought

      2. Learn Hindi with Didi the Dalmatian

        Haha 😂

    82. Shweta Sadlani

      A big smile on anuseena fans after hearing anubhav name from hm mouth.

      1. Abhinivesh Singh

        Aaj ka episode bhi dekhne laayak hoga, jab maddam sir(Fatima)jaayengi police verification ke liye Janakipuram Thana, aur wahaa Karishma Singh jab dekhengi ki unke ex-husband ka naam likhaa hai Anubhav Kapoor, phir toh naa jaane kya hi hone waala hoga? really excited to see today's episode!!!

    83. Rama Ghosh

      In today's episode KS & Rajvir's singing was hilarious 😆😆 & then Pushpa ji's reaction 🤣 Puspa ji's reaction was like 'I have to keep a watch over Rajvir '🤨

      1. Abhinivesh Singh

        @Rama Ghosh kahi gunga toh nahi hai woh?

      2. Rama Ghosh

        @Abhinivesh Singh Ya that was funny too 😆😆😆

      3. Abhinivesh Singh

        wo mota constable yaad hai, baar baar jo "ummm...,ummmm...." kar raha tha, really bahut funny tha!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. रेखा कुमारी

      ✔✔,,सुना है प्यार मे उड़ जाती है नींद, काश कोई हमें भी प्यार करे क्योंकि हमें बहुत आती है नींद, ,✔✔✔✔❤,❤

    85. Nanda dulal Sutradhar

      Maddam sir is the best show in the world and my favorite character is Karishma singh and all characters are the best in the world

    86. Rupesh Gajja

      I love this show 😍😍 Btw Today's ep was so amazing 😍😂😂👈


      I love it when the notification shows up, "someone likes your comment" and " You have a new subscriber"🥺🥺❤️

    88. Blue Lover

      Who is right ks Or hm?

      1. Ammara Urooj

        Dino lakin Pushpa ji hamsha ks ka sath asa kyu karti han😬😬😬pir kahti Han ka ks ko gussa ata ha

      2. Shweta Sadlani

        Experience is right.

      3. aman p

        May be both

    89. Vaghela Ashmita

      Bus Dsp Sir jaldi gujrat aa jaye

    90. pooja yadav

      Missing anuseena

    91. Fariha Sadia

      Today's episode was just hilarious n really very excited for next episode

    92. 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙻𝙴𝙶𝙴𝙽𝙳

      Pls help bro my mama is dead 😭😭😭😭

    93. Nirjara

      I am not liking pushpa ji's behaviour at all,why does she always has to taunt KS and make her feel low in front of MS! I am really feeling bad for KS🥺

      1. Sanhita Sen

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty HM didn't blame ks only, she blamed both of them.

      2. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        @Tithi Panda KS is Pushpa jis bahu at home not in the that and remember the sas bahu case it all happened due to PS if PS had not interferred then the case would have been solved then and there. But after all of that PS never apolgised to KS and HM blamed KS for everything

      3. Tithi Panda

        @11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty HM is not her bahu after all 🤭🤭

      4. Tithi Panda

        @Ammara Urooj that's true ..but I like the way Haseena encourages Karishma..

      5. 11. Shubhangshi Chakraborty

        Yes PS shouldn't forget that KS is a SHO now and she should respect her she never talks to HM disrespectfully then why KS

    94. Alka Kumari

      Pushpa jee hamesha haseena ka saath deti kvi karishma ka feeling ka samjhna chaiye hamesha achha krna chhahti pr unka saath koi nhi deta

      1. Shivaay Gautam

        @SAJIDyt tu h sbsey bada pagal krishma key bhoukaal ka divaaney too medam sir bi h bhaut ijt karti h medam sir krishma singh ki or bale hi unkey kaam karney ka trika glt ho but bo kbi glt nhi karti

      2. SAJIDyt

        Krisma singh pagal hai siniyar se baat karne ka treeka nhi hai

      3. Shweta Sadlani

        @Shivaay Gautam because she is experienced nd she knows very wel what is correct and what is right ? This is not the matter of favour.

      4. Shivaay Gautam

        You are right puspaa Singh glt karti h ki krishma singh ka sath nhi deti

      5. Rimsha Amer

        @Shweta Sadlani yes 👍

    95. Abhinivesh Singh

      Sab TV par ek naya show aa raha hai, "Dharama yoddha Garud", ab pata nahi off air hone ki talwaar kis show pe latkegi? i hope not maddam sir.

      1. Priyal Damami

        @Pankaj Srivastava nahi ab hoga l tjink

      2. Pankaj Srivastava

        @Abhinivesh Singh baalveer returns ki jagah par aaye shayad

      3. Abhinivesh Singh

        @Priyal Damami but balveer toh pehle hi off air ho chuka hai

      4. Priyal Damami

        It's balveer returns

    96. Shweta Sadlani

      Today episode is very awesome. Especially when hm took the name of anubhav

    97. Aaliah Anwer XA4

      Anubhav Kapoor ex 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    98. Kulsum Bintehafiz

      Anubhave sing hi baata deti ap.vayse socho agar dsp sir yaah hota to vo yeh sonke kitna kush hota hai na?

      1. Chanda Kumari

        @10 G A 26 Neeti Kalola yes

      2. 10 G A 26 Neeti Kalola

        Anubhav singh kese batati are HM ko unse shaadi krni hai thodina talak dena hai 😜😅

    99. Mithila Jannat

      We want DSP Sir(Rahil Azam)😔😔

    100. Khadija Noorani

      Yaay I love madam sir it came back thanks Sony sab

      1. Deepika arora

        Plss see madam sir on tv